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Open Your Mind
to Natural Order

Transforming working capital to cash and
credit risk to opportunities

Open You Mind
To Natural Order

Transforming working capital to cash and
credit risk to opportunities


Established in 2019, OPYO challenges corporate finance, offering Advanced technologies and services, supporting optimization of working capital (WC) management and cash flow (CF) forecasting.
High end cloud solutions, supporting AR, AP and INV management as well as implementation of full credit Insurance policy lifecycle.

The Challenge

Better control of corporate finance and treasury activities

Cash Performance

WC drives cash, Receivable (AR) management is usually highly in focus, while real opportunities exist in improved payables (AP) and inventory (INV) control.

CF Forecast

Data in many cases is partial and located in different areas of the business. Process of collecting information is slow and partial.

Credit Insurance management

Credit risk level is gradually increasing with global changes. New business models increase need for immediate credit lines with global customers.

The Solution

Transforming operational and financial transactions to smart analytics, and measures to action plan for delivery.


Cash Performance

Control WC driver performance, accelerate cash flow

Focused on main drivers: AR, AP, and inventory. Identify opportunities, mitigate risk, and free cash.

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CF Forecast

Smart forecast of cash flow

Accelerate process, improve quality and accuracy of cash forecast for short (14 day) and mid-term (90 day).

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Credit Insurance management

Manage customer credit and trade Credit Insurance programs

Support full trade credit insurance workflow and implementation of all trade Credit Insurance programs.

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Our Results

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suppliers and buyers
$ 0 B
Smart control of AR exposures
“with OPYO, Teva BU’S achieves an improved level of control of AR exposures, as well as implementation of Global Trade credit insurance programs”.
Limor Sagiv
VP Global Insurance Group
Improve cash flow forecasting
“Stratasys deployed OPYO globally, allowing HQ and regions to improve Cash Flow forecasting, prudent AR management and close implementation of our global Trade credit insurance program”.
Nimrod Hirsh
Risk manager
Manage successfully a global complex insurance program
“SodaStream successfully implemented OPYO on HQ level, constantly controlling the implementation of global Trade Credit Insurance”.
Ophir Golan
Global Operations CFO at SodaStream International, Ltd.

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